A letter to the suffering


First and foremost thank you for passing by. I hope what you find in this blog becomes of help to you.

Am writing to you this letter to inspire some hope in you. If you are going through hardship and difficult times please know that only God can see you through.

What you may not know is that one day your troubles will fall off you. You will look back and realize that what used to trouble you doesn't anymore.

Right now only God knows what must come next in order for you to fulfill your purpose and destiny. It may not be clear to you right now but with time it will.

There is a mystery that is very hard to understand. Our minds are limited to understand the mightiness and glorious nature of God.

Your life and all your experiences have a higher and greater purpose. Everything that had ever happened to you and is happening to  you is working out for good.

That is the mystery of God. Its so difficult to comprehend but the results will come in such away that they will amaze you. How he is going to use all your experiences for good is up to him.

God's love mercy and forgiveness will find you and the grace of God will bless you a million times. That is the Glory of God beyond understanding.

Take it to your heart, you are not alone. You have a power so great that is surrounding you and working mightily that you may find peace and happiness.

Thank you

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