When Rejected By Those You Assisted

Have you ever assisted or bailed out someone and when your turn came they rejected you or watched you as you got hanged?

If it ever happened to you that must have been a real hard experience to fathom. The pain of being rejected by those you gave a hand in their time of need is tough.

However hold on, you are not alone. I presume you have forgotten those 10 lepers that Jesus healed and only one came back to say thank you. Out of 10 just one came back! (Luke 17:11 - 17)

You are not alone, remember Joseph of the bible? While in jail he helped interpret a disturbing dream of a fellow prisoner. Joseph asked him for a favor in return which the man did not honor. (Gen: 40:14 & 23)

So there you go, this is not unusual. Even great people have had that experience. Their experiences are laid down so that we can learn from them and be comforted in such times.  

It is very possible to have sympathized with someone in their time of need and when your turn came they looked the other side. It’s human to expect assistance from those you assisted in your time of need. But it doesn’t always happen.

This experience can be mentally and emotionally devastating. It can lower your self-esteem a great deal and kill your willingness to help others in the future.

Yet once you assist someone you should forget and expect nothing in return, because all help and favor comes from the God. Don’t give up any assistance to others in the future because you were let down.

When you go through a difficult time do not put your hope in people. Pray that God may see you through your daily activities. God who sees the secret good works will reward you.

There are many ways God will reward you. He may use the very person who you helped or he may use others. As the case maybe, he may enable you to accomplish what you have to.

If you look closely there are areas of your life that he has already done so. And he is yet to do you much more. Don’t lose heart. Forgive and let go.

Over to you reader is, have you ever had such experience, what was your reaction and what did you do. What other advice can you give to someone undergoing similar challenge?

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