Are you still Angry with Yourself?

Dear reader

Thank you for coming this way.

I have a word or two about being angry at yourself.

Probably you feel angry at yourself about something. Maybe you feel ashamed or embarrassed about something.

You feel angry at yourself and wish things were different. Now you look at yourself and realize how foolish you are.

You are not a lone...

We wish we had everything alright. We wish life could not present us with painful experiences. We point fingers at ourselves.

There is nothing wrong facing our limitations. It's life and nobody is perfect.

Even those you think have it together have their own 'skeleton in the cupboard' as an old saying goes.

In fact, even if you had things the way you wanted, something else could have popped up that you wouldn't like.

Stop punishing yourself. Change the negative self-talk by replacing it with positive self-talk. See where you are right now and take care of things.

Be angry at yourself, yes, separate yourself for a while, yes, but not for long. Learn, accept, forgive, grow, improve and move on.

Every painful experience comes with a lesson. Instead of being angry with yourself see the lesson inherent in this experience. Add that to your blessings.

There is a lot to be happy with yourself. Count your blessings. You got a life and a purpose. Carry on. God will see you through.

Over to you reader, have you ever been angry at yourself? How did you handle it?

Thank you

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