The other reward for winning

You have dared to prove something some think impossible?

Somebody is going to get hurt

You think that you are doing your thing, and you are going to get a smile - you may as well be  in for a rude shock.

Somebody is going to feel uncomfortable and they are not going to take it lying down. They will hurt you. You hurt them, they hurt you.

Somebody is going to pinch you so hard because you have challenged them that you'd wish you had not dared.

You are going to disturb the comfort of someone somewhere and they are not going to be happy. So they are going to aim at your weak spot to water you down.

Yet you must be strong.

If your mission is not intended to harm others but bring good to you and others, go ahead, their war will work against them.

It doesn't matter how strong one is or how many they are. It doesn't matter how weak and lonely you are. You will win. In fact by the time it hurts, you win.

Thank you