Does charity really start at home?

It is an honorable thing to have home support.

Home ground support is an essential ingredient to help you gain more trust even to outsiders.   

But unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way. In fact anybody basing his or her hopes at those very close to him or her will be disappointed when things don’t turn out as expected.

Because you expect support from those closest to you it's more painful and disheartening when they don’t come through as you expected

If you are going to get the motivation to reach forward for your goals and dreams do not base your all your hopes on those very close to you, when they disappoint you, you will think that you have no blessings to proceed.

To borrow from the experience of Jesus; he never performed many miracles at his home area because his people had little faith in him.  'A prophet is without honor in his hometown.' Mark 6:4-5

Those closer to you may not always give you the support that you need. So get out of that expectation and give room for possible support from  those that may know very little about you or may know nothing at all about you.

When you don’t get the support from your very own, this shouldn’t surprise you or  stop you from proceeding with your plans.

The truth is charity rarely starts at home for believers.
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