How To Keep The Flame In You Flaming

Thank you for coming around. It is no coincidence that you are here! This message is intended for you.

I'd want to share something with you about desire, that burning inner flame that no fire can quench. Something that even if someone else disapproves, you just can't stop believing in it…

There is part of you that won’t let that go, which says never die. Even if it doesn’t make sense, you don't quit. And sometimes you keep at it even when you have every reason to quit.

This is inner glow that makes you believe in something even if others think that you are crazy. Maybe you are crazy but your craziness is the power that keeps you going.

 So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to die with that dream or are you ready to face what it takes to respond to that inner call? That question nobody is going to answer it but yourself.

Are you going to join others to sing their songs or are you going to sing that song in your heart? That too only you will answer. If you fear walking unbeaten paths then you are going to go the wider road and leave your road.

But if you are going to close all external voices and listen to the one inside you then you are going to find happiness and peace even if all around you is going to be chaos.

If you believe and trust that voice inside you it’s going to be easier to walk with God even when all turn their back on you. You will not be afraid of men’s judgment because there will be a promise in your heart from that whom is greater than them all. The creator

Then you are not going to be afraid of mistakes but instead lessons are going to be your greatest friend because in them you will find the keys to unlock those closed doors.

You are going to appreciate your positive self and celebrate ever step you make forward however small knowing that fro these baby steps you are going to gain strong muscle to enable you pursue your goals with renewed strength.

Therefore do not ignore that burning flame in your heart. Keep it on. See if you have dimmed it and check it in the ashes of your broken dreams and enlighten it. Its your gift coming from heaven.

Wishing you the best